Wednesday, November 21, 2001

I grew up in the suburbs. Long Island to be exact - the very epicenter of the 'burbs. My hometown was just a few miles from Levittown, that pre-fab community so wonderful the developers went to Pennsylvania and duplicated it right down to the name (learned that from a song by The A's - how's that for New Wave credentials?). Once I realized I could, I left. But after a few decades in the "real world" doing real world things -- working on Wall Street, playing in bands, writing countless (usually forgettable) magazine articles -- I find myself back in the Suburbs, wondering when life starts.

Lately, I've noticed my mind is slowing down. I can't think very fast anymore. I lose track of words. This could be the onset of brain disease or maybe the effects of daily chats with my 3-year-old son who's deep in the world of "poopy in the potty." Whatever. I have to fight it. Hence, this little blog. Daily reports from my Suburban Limbo. The weird, the wonderful, the distortions of reality. From the pool to the tomato garden, I've got ya covered.

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