Friday, December 14, 2001

The media has fallen flat on its face trying to explain the strange out of order sequencing of the recent Bin Laden tape. If you watched the whole thing, you know what I mean. It starts with a segment of Bin Laden and a small group of men in the middle of a conversation. Then they eat. Then there is a half-hour of junk footage - kids playing with destroyed military hardware and singing in the desert. Finally, the tape ends with a 15 minute segment of Bin Landen entering the meeting with the men and beginning the conversation.

The misorder of the segments has caused great headscatching among cable news vidiots while Arab pundits have pointed to this lack of continuity as proof that the tape is a fake.

Pay attention. Here's the explaination:

1) The tape was first used to record the kids playing with junk and singing.
2) Ossama's here! Let's tape the meeting. Do you have any blank tapes? No? Stick this one in camcorder and hit RECORD.
3) The tape they used wasn't new. There was only 15 minutes left on the reel.
4) When the tape ended, they pressed REWIND and took it back to the start
5) At the top of the reel, they hit RECORD again, taping the final 20 minutes of the meeting/dinner at the start of the tape.
6) A big chunk showing the kids in the desert remained because that wasn't recorded over at the meeting.

Got that? Okay, good. Now let's get back to bombing this guy into dust.

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