Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Reading about Pink Lady & Jeff sparked this memory from Mr. Bauman:

I have a vivid, unexplainable memory of watching the Pink Lady show in its first and only run. At least, one episode of it. Much like the oft-questioned-yet-really-happened Star Wars christmas special of 1977, I guess this too wasn't just a bad dream.

BTW: I've been told that Kim's Video in NYC has bootleg copies of the Star Wars Xmas special...anyone looking for an Xmas gift for me, that's the one. Chewabacca has turkey dinner with family of wookies.

Dear God.

Ooooo..the Star Wars Xmas Special . That brings a tear to my eye. It is hard to explain this mess but someone who tried is Matt of x-entertainment.com who wrote a scathing review of the show complete with several audio clips and Quicktime movies (unfortunately, the one with Chewy's wife watching a cooking show and trying to follow along, appears corrupt and doesn't play). As Matt writes Calling the Holiday Special bad is just about the textbook definition of an 'understatement'. It's not just bad. It's not even just laughably bad. It makes tv shows like Herman's Head and The Tortellis seem like genius brainstorms.

It is good to know that for enough money, even George Lucas was willing to sell his soul. Makes him a bit more human, no?

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