Thursday, December 06, 2001

The good stories keep on coming. This one's from the lovely B Bob, who's worked for the past few months as a volunteer at the WTC Ground Zero. It's nice to hear New Yorkers are coming out of their shells. She writes:

Last night after a volunteer shift downtown I went to a firefighter party at a pub nearby. Rumor was any woman who attended this party could walk up to the firefighters, tug at their tee shirt collars and they'd have to give up their shirts to her. As I walked in, the firefighters were all stripping top naked.


Tees flying everywhere.


Many MANY happy women.

I asked a fire fighter from Vancouver-- a bunch just arrived in NYC to support the FDNY -- about this rumor. He looked bummed and said "I just gave away my teeshirt to that lady over there! But here, you want my dress shirt?"

He then insists on giving me his official blue Vancouver FD dress shirt. Stripping down he says "You ask a Canadian for the shirt off his back, we will give you it!"

He looked amazing shirtless under his fire department dress coat. A very hot new look . Of course I had to choose the 6'4" firefighter to ask about the shirt rumor. His shirt goes down to my knees like a cocktail dress. But i gotta say it looks great on me. What an incredible sight it all was. What an awesome night.

So if you see a bunch of shirtless firefighters walking around NYC or elsewhere, now you know why. Maybe they all do this? Try it, Ladies...and let me know.

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