Monday, December 03, 2001

My good friend, former band boss and pop culture maven Otis Ball has uncovered a gift that just keep on giving. What it gives I'm not quite sure. It is the Pink Lady & Jeff Boxed Set. Rather than explain this myself, I give you the enthusiasm of Mr. Ball, who wrote this email under the subject heading I'm About To Vomit From Entertainment

"I, just minutes ago, received my 3 DVD set of all 6 episodes of the Pink Lady and Jeff series from March and April of 89. It is holy. Some of the guests are Jerry Lewis, Sherman Hemsley, Jim Varney, Sid Caesar's dog, Alice Cooper and Byron Allen. Altman introduces each episode and there are tons of extras."

"For those not aware, Pink Lady and Jeff was a mid-season replacement series in Fall of 80 starring Pink Lady, a Japanese pop sensation who didn't speak a word of English, and Jeff Altman, a comedian who basically acted as their interperter. Needless to say, that dog didn't run. But Rhino just released them on Vid and DVD. Highly recommended."

I questioned Otis in an email and he replied:

"The girls have clearly memorized their lines and Altman knows he's alone on that stage. But somehow they have given the girls similar personalities to Dawn, in that one is nice to Jeff and one hates him. You can smell Altman's fear. And the Japs are just happy to be there. One of them just said Sermen Hermzee and the other said Brondie. It'a very similar to what you would expect a Furbies and Jeff show to be like. It's really amazing the things the Furbies are capable of and they're mildly entertaining. And when Jeff gets to do his stuff, it's pretty funny."

"Then the Furbies do a Fleetwood Mac song. Then the Furbies do a nostalgic musical number with Bert Parks. Then they do one of those Sonny and Cher deals where a song intercuts with quick blackouts and musical numbers. For the end, the Furbies get in bathing suits and bring Jeff, in his tux, into a hot tub with them."

This may be one of the coolest things I own. I think it's safe to say it's a desert island DVD."

Okay, let me say up front I am not interested in owning this DVD set . I'll watch it if you have it, but I don't want the responsibility of owning such a thing. I saw the original. That said, it is a pleasure to hear someone like Otis of rave about a pair of hot Oriental women whom he equates to Furbies. BTW, Otis has one of the largest media collections I've ever seen outside of a Virgin Megastore. He knows of what he speaks.

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