Friday, December 28, 2001

As a freelancer, the six weeks or so between Thanksgiving and early January are a complete write-off. Nobody's doing anything. Phone messages go unanswered and if you get someone on the line, they get perturbed if you don't demonstrate the proper Christmas spirit and leave them alone. People who I might talk to everyday in October suddenly dissapear for two months as if they got locked up for a speeding violation in Mississippi.

It reminds me summer vacation. Everybody went away for ten weeks and came back to school completely different. I think that's why my friend Chris acts like such a Scrooge during the holidays. He's on a constant buzz and wants to be in motion, working morning noon and night. That's what mnakes him happy! But everyone is suddenly busy with family and parities and gifts and more. Being pushed to shut down for a couple of months leaves a bad taste in the mouth when you're hurting for creative contact.

So if a freelancer you know seems a bit anxious during the holiday season, cut them some slack. If you've got one laying around, throw him or her an assignment. If nothing else, return their calls and discuss work down the line.

As for me, I'm going to Naples to see if my family has gotten any less crazy in the past few months. Personally, I doubt it. But in any case, I'll see you in next year.

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