Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Remember the 1969 Mets? The Miracle Mets? Well, not many others do either because famed catcher of that team, Jerry Grote is hawking his skills as a baseball coach on the web.JERRY GROTE SEEKING FUTURE POSITION AS COACH OR MANAGER IN THE BIG LEAGUES Check it out. I can't decide if it's pathetic or ballsy. I think his wife put it together. There's no explaination what Jerry's been doing between 1985 (his last baseball gig) and now, which makes me wonder if it has something to do with why he isn't working.

This reminds me of the advertisment taken out years ago by the father of Marty Balin (singer of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship and the only guy of that group not to sleep with Grace Slick). The ad, published when Marty was between gigs, said something embarrassing like Singer of Jefferson Starship Seeks Band To Front I think Marty hit the oldies circuit right after that.

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