Thursday, January 31, 2002

CLINTON ON CLINTON published an interesting article reviewing Bill Clinton's speech in Berkeley, CA on the same night as GWB's State of The Union. Beyond the pro-Clinton gushing of writer Joan Walsh (how can she type so nicely using only one hand?), Bill was quoted saying some interesting things.

On the Bush administration's battle to keep its energy task force records secret, Bill said "I'm still trying to figure out the difference between what went on with our healthcare task force, and what went on with the energy task force. There must be one, but I'm too dumb to get it."

Call it liberal fear or conservative bias, but the media has been oddly forgetful here. I have yet to hear that comparison made by anyone except Clinton and myself in this blog a few days ago. Not even the Daily Show caught that train and they're usually good for it.

The article (which BTW - is part of their premium, $30/year feed) also noted that Bill got the biggest applause when U.C. Journalism School dean Orville Schell asked, "Why does the right wing despise you so?"

"Because I won," he replied. The crowd cheered and laughed, but Clinton wasn't laughing. "They thought there would never be a Democratic president again. They'd found the formula to turn us into cardboard, make us un-American ... to turn Mike Dukakis into a guy who wouldn't care if his wife was raped.

"I got no honeymoon, no nothing. They felt, 'We should never have lost the White House. It was ours!'" By contrast, he said, Democrats "don't hate people when they beat us because we've gotten so used to losing."

I don't know that Democrats are "used to losing," but I do feel Clinton hit the nail on the head about the sense of entitlement Republicans have toward the White House. If nothing else, the Clinton presidency had the value of wiping the smirks off Republicans' faces as they lost two national elections to a man they considered an amoral sleezebag.

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