Monday, January 07, 2002

Those who know me might recall that I trashed the last Ben Folds Five CD in the Orlando Weekly as a pompus weeze from a guy who used to be quite funny and interesting. It looks like Mr. Folds got the news because he dumped the band and recorded this wonderful little CD all by his lonesome. It's funny, it rocks and it has memorable melodies - in short, perfect for a geezer like me who recalls music as something more than grunge whinning. And hey, any CD with a title like Rockin' The Suburbs gets bonus points here.

Warren from Hollywood registers this observation - Am I the first person to note an artistic connection between (Ben Folds) and Eminem? That is, they both seem to say "I have a right to my misery, whether you think I belong to one of the misery-privileged groups, or not." Good point. Folds is white, middle class and smart. But that doesn't mean he can't have a shitty decade. Sound familiar?

For your aural enjoyment, I'm starting a new feature here at The Suburban Limbo - downloadable mp3s. Radio sucks so bad, I'm doing everything I can to help spread good music. Click here to download my fave song from the CD - Zak & Sara (mono/1.5 meg). It's a tale of two bored teens in a music store circa 1984. Zak trys out guitars. Sara has premonotions about everyone's death. Enjoy.

(BTW - Needless to say, in order to hear the download, you need an mp3 player. And to keep server traffic responsable, I'll probably pull these mp3s after a week or so. Download it now.)

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