Thursday, January 03, 2002

I use Macs. I like reading Apple rumor sites. As The Apple Turns is my fave, but Crazy Apple Rumors Site is coming on strong. Here's a sample from a recent Q&A. (BTW - if you're not a Mac fanatic, this might not make sense):

Q: I have been using the same SE/30 for 12 years and am too cheap to buy a new machine. I've been hearing about Mac OS X and feel that Apple owes it to me, because of my purchase 12 years ago, to make OS X work on my SE. My question is, what is the best way for me to whine about this?

A: We suggest you write an "open letter" to Apple describing your ridiculous demand. Publish this letter on your own web site and every forum you can find, regardless of the forum topic. Email the letter to every Mac-related web site and ask them to publish it. Have your name legally changed to the entire text of the letter and introduce yourself to everyone you see. Get the letter tattooed on your ass and walk around in nothing but leather chaps. Finally, drive over to Steve Jobs' house and shake your ass in his window until he "does the right thing".

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