Wednesday, January 09, 2002

I love The new iMac. It's sleek, it's powerful and way, way cool. And as a bonus, it'll make a great desktop TV for the guestroom where I keep my home office. I want one. I want two.

Of course, not everybody is in love. There are flame wars raging across the net that this design just won't be as catchy as the gumdrop iMac of the past few years. And of course, PC drones can't comprehend the concept (or need for) of a beautiful computer. Bite me. I want one now.

One of the better anti-Mac articles I've read lately was  How I learned to stop worrying, and abandoned Mac OSX. In short, the writer says the user interface was the Mac's best feature and OSX destroys that. I've stayed away from OSX because I wanted the bugs to get sorted out and some primary applications I use aren't OSX-native. But if anyone has experience using OSX (good or bad), I'd like to hear about it.

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