Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Surprise, surprise - GW is two for two on national speeches. Tonight's State of the Union address was solid stuff, impassioned and focused with genuine attempts to foster non-partisan government. Of course, I can't imagine hardcore Republicans are too happy that GW sounded a lot like FDR or JFK - seeking jobs programs, national volunteer organizations and promising to improve funding of Headstart and the like.

And who knows what he really means? If his jobs program is shorthand for cut taxes to the rich so that they hold more catered events and hire more gardeners, I don't think he'll be getting the Democratic support he seeks. But I'm willing to listen. Once again, GWB has shown that aiming for the middle ground attracks people to participate, rather than reject the message outright.

Note One: CNN's Robert Novack was horrible in the pre-speech interviews. Virtually every question he asked Charles Rangle could be summed up as "Since Americas loves George Bush so much, don't you think it's impossible/stupid/political suicide to oppose him on the domestic agenda." Delightfully, Rangle laughed in Novak's face.

Note Two: Prediction - if Cheney gets dragged down by the Enron mess, I bet he'll become too sick to run again as VP in 2004 and Colin Powell will be placed on the ticket. That could split the black vote and give GW the office for another term, even if his approval rating sinks to 45% by then.

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