Thursday, January 17, 2002

I haven't been writing a lot this week and I want to explain why.

I used to be a musician, but I don't play much anymore. Lately, my sole musical project has been to review and properly label 30 digital audio tapes ("dats") containing about 45 hours of studio recordings and rehearsals of my last (and still kind of functioning) band Big Happy Crowd. I've also been dumping the unusual or unreleased stuff into my computer, just in case I decide to burn a CD or do something.

This project has been wandering on and off for about five months. Finally, this week, I buckled down and finished reviewing the last four tapes. Ity was surprising. Before my band was a band, it was a duo with myself and a guy named John Sonntag. Recently, I dug up about 20 or so cuts from the John & me phase of Big Happy Crowd and now I'm sequencing the best of them for a CD. Even though I haven't picked up a guitar in months - BANG! - I'm sucked right back into musician land, spending hours at a time tied to my computer, reviewing songs, altering the eq, fixing compression, etc, etc. And all this for a CD that I will burn TWO COPIES of - one for me and one for John. I'm even designing a cover.

Ugh. I need a more productive obsession. Please send your suggestions.

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