Wednesday, January 09, 2002

I've spent the past few days cutting a video demo for my friend Anne. She's a local scenester who's hosted many TV shows and events, including the Orlando Music Awards the two years I produced that shindig. I always said I'd help out anyone who helped with my projects, so I volunteered to be her editor sans gratis.

At first, I was a bit stumped starring at all the footage. I didn't think she had enough good stuff on tape to make a demo, but I was wrong. The power of editing is a wonderful thing (my editor friend Dave reminded me of that when he crafted an excellent movie performance from Courtney Love's twitches and ramblings). Last night, everything clicked. I finished an 8 minute cut today. Rather than turn Anne into a proper little anchor lady, I played into her wilder and weirder image. She's asking a lot of wise-ass questions of celebrities, showing off her tattos and demonstrating about 150 very different hair, dress and make-up stylings. It looks good and she looks good.

But it makes me wonder - what's the point? I'd love to see Anne on E!, the Travel Channel, VH1 or even MTV (although she's probably a bit too old for that last one). I think she'd be great - a bracing little smack of original personailty. But do any of those shows want a diamond in the rough like Anne? We'll see...

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