Monday, January 28, 2002

Correct me if I'm wrong...a few years ago, Hillary Clinton was vilified far and wide for daring to construct a health care plan away from the public gaze and without the poisoning influence of corporate lobbyists.

Flash foward to last year...inbetween heart attacks, VP Dick Cheney crafts an energy policy in secret with the help of corporate players like Enron. The nation doesn't hear about, although it affects all of us. And now,even though Congress wants to know about Enron's part in that task force, Cheney has refused to hand over energy task force notes. Said Cheney on Fox News, "You just cannot accept that proposition without putting a chill over the ability of the president and vice president to receive unvarnished advice."

Smell a double standard? Granted, Hillary wasn't an employee of the government, but she was working for one. Cheney isn't dealing in CIA spook works stuff (which might be better left secret). He's crafting energy policy with the advice of the very companies the policy affects.

I bet this is gonna blow up big time. And I'll also bet that few if any conservative commentators will have the cojones to cite this as an example of oppressive big government functioning like the Wizard of Oz, behind a curtain of smoke and mirrors.

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