Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Say what you will about Frank Zappa's sometimes potty mouth lyrics and disturbing music, the guy was a genius. His most cynical, paranoid rants sound more like the news every day.

This odd little tribute is perfect for Zappa fans or anyone bored with the dumb the rock thing. The Persuasions are a pure a cappella group who happened to put out their first record on Zappa's Straight Records back in 1969. Here, they say thanks to Frank with a collection of Zappa works tweeked for all-vocal arrangements. I can't say enough good things about this CD. Even Jake even likes it (he kept laughing and shouting This is funny music! when I put it on). Before this, he'd only given a thumb's up to the Chipmunks.

The track I've selected for your downloading pleasure is The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing. A message for everyone, no? Get it now, because it won't be up for long.

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