Monday, January 21, 2002

Regarding yesterday's blog, Warren from L.A. wrote: You said, "hypocrisy knows no political boundaries." Which I totally agree with. You also said that your conservative friends seem to imply "if it's not conservative, it's wrong or stupid." I would ask you that amend that only by adding, "and frequently conservatives are stupid, too."

I'll go even further to also add conservatives are sometimes also wrong. Sometimes.

Warren also wrote: I never listen to Rush Limbaugh. Never. I think he's a bombastic asshole. There is this guy on out here named Mike Gallagher who is even worse. He actually had on his radio show, shortly after 9/11, a militia leader who very clearly implied in his remarks that the only people who truly stood to benefit from the attacks were the US Senate. Again, the host showed no inclination to challenge the man's clear implication that even if the Senate hadn't planned the attack, they were pleased to have it happen, as they could use it a pretext to take guns away from those Americans who needed them to shoot Jews.

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