Friday, February 01, 2002

Chris Guest and the rest of the Spinal Tap crew are preparing a new mockumentary that features aging folk groups reuniting for a tribute concert.

Anyone who recalls Guest during his year on Saturday Night Live might remember that he, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean did a short film for SNL where they played an aging folk group, similar to the Kingston Trio. They plunked banjos and guitars and argued about the relevance of the 14th through 32nd versus of various folk classics.

I'm sure the film will be funny as hell, but I'm afraid. Very afraid. Like musical moles waiting to be triggered for their assignments, folkies of this planet might use the film as a reason to break free of self-imposed obscurity and muster a Folk Revival. Remember, This Is Spinal Tap led right into the hair band decade.

Do we really want a folk revival?

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