Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Warren from Hollywood sent back these words about CB's last missive (printed Sunday, Feb 10). One day, I'm gonna get all my smartest friends together and let them beat each other senseless or get drunk and collaborate on some really cool projects.

chris, o chris...

Smoke dope? Join former Secretary of State George
Schultz in advocating the end of the war on drugs.
Certainly GWB would have a hard time cracking down on
recreational drugs with a straight face. Anyway, the
mainstream Left is just as committed to the
enforcement of drug laws as the Right. We had eight
years of the Left and dope was as illegal as ever.

Suck dick? To each his own, of course -- but while
many states have antiquated laws on the subject, I
don't remember anti-oral planks in the latest
Republican platform. Are there really people doing
time for giving blowjobs? Are they happier in prison,

Reading, writing? It would seem obvious to me that as
we correspond on this Web page that the First
Amendment is stronger than ever.

Go to church? Let's get out of this old-fashioned
Reagan-era Orwellian paranoia, shall we? Or is that
the dope talking?

And if it's just the church that scares you, then you
have very little to fear. Remember, the greatest
atrocities in the 20th century (Nazi Germany and
Stalinist Russia) were committed in the absence of

Best - Warren

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