Saturday, February 09, 2002

Yes friends, the rumors are true. Ex Twisted Sister mountpiece Dee Snider is the voiceover dude for MSNBC "

Of course, MSNBC couldn't really embrace the ugly reality that was Long Island rock and roll in the 1980s, so they made sure to mention this: The truth of the matter is that Dee Snider was one of the clean rock 'n' rollers. He didn't drink, he didn't do drugs, he just rocked," says Val Nicholas, v.p. of advertising, promotion and marketing for the network.

Oh yeah - and Dee also dressed up like a transvestite hooker working the meat packing district at 8am Sunday mornings.

Nicholas reportedly added that the network - in keeping with its new love for clean-living rockers - also tried to hire Fugazi's Ian McKay, who was well-know as a straight-edge punker since his Minor Threat days. True to his hardcore enthic, McKay entire payment demands consisted of "$100 in cash, dinner for the band and a safe place to park the van." The deal fell through when McKay insisted that MSNBC add "All-Ages" shows to its line-up "for the kids."

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