Thursday, February 14, 2002

There are indeed many sleep-disturbing threats to America today -- but one of them is the triumphal hubris that has taken hold of our leadership. Axis of stupidity from, is an excellent three-page history lesson and modern US political critique. I'm going to have to start reading this regularly.

His axis-of-evil war cry, of course, was an attempt at Rooseveltian grandeur -- but because it mangles geopolitical reality (unlike the enemies FDR faced, there is no alliance between Iraq, Iran and North Korea), it simply confuses the American public and underlines what a dismal imitation of a great president our current leader is. It reminds us that this is a man who entered the 2000 presidential race in midlife with the barest, most homespun grasp of the world beyond America's borders, and after a year of Condi Rice tutorials and on-the-job training, is just a step away from calling Greeks "Grecians."

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