Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Spent another afternoon in the dentist chair yesterday, sucking down gas and watching DVD through the headset. This time, I got smart. Instead of boring my drug-lulled brain with Hollywood product, I brought a DVD of Lain: The Serial Experiments a Japanese anime about a 14-year-old girl who finds her doppleganger living within the internet. It's not unlike the X-Files, but with a teen star and many more disconcerting segements.

And I was soooo into it. I now know what all the potheads I grew up with were seeing when we went to the movies. And of course, I can't recall any other details to share with you. What I remember was that the anime seemed flawlessly constructed, fascinating and in the end frightening (especially when the itsy bitsy aliens from Rosewell showed up out of nowehere).

What I'm learning in this process is that the gas allowed me to see artistic content on a level removed from the consumer. When I listened to classical music, I heard the composer speaking with strings. When I watched Steve Martin's "Roxanne" I saw process, structure and a lot of bad acting. Watching "Lain", I felt like I was falling into another world - science fiction at it's purest.

I'm not proposing everyone get a tank of nitros for their home. But this has been interesting for me. In the past few years, family life and nominal concerns like finding work has pushed most artistic thoughts out of my mind. It's been fascinating to find that with all distractions removed and the proper stimulus, I'm right back to thinking on a purely artistic level. I'm glad to know that part of my mind hasn't vanished, it's just in hidding.

It makes me look forward to my next visit to the dentist.

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