Monday, February 11, 2002

Ever wonder what ever happened to Bob Mould, guitar-playing monster of Husker Du and Sugar fame? Turns out he moved to Atlanta and became a writer for the WCW. Yup, for part of the past few years, Bob's crafted plots for professional wrestlers ...and he liked it. Lord of the Ring

Beside interviewing Bob and hanging out with him in a defunked Hoboken recording studio, I have a fond memory of his music. When driving back from the Northeastern Folk Alliance Conference a few years ago, Don Brody and I cranked up a Sugar record in the car to earbleed levels. Poor Chad Ferron, a wonderful guy and sensitive folk singer/animator tried to snooze in the back seat while Don and I thrashed about in the front to "If I Can't Change Your Mind", raving about the sound of the record like a couple of 14-year-olds. We thought it was the perfect antidote to a weekend full of too many folkies. Don and I could bond over music for hours and hours, trading worthless details back and forth. I miss him.

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