Tuesday, February 19, 2002

It is increasing looking like George W's state of the union enemies list is getting a thumbs down across much of the world. As US Today said in 'Axis of evil' remark sparks damaging backlash Treating Iran, Iraq and North Korea as a unified, monolithic axis vulnerable to the same rhetoric and tactics is a formula for failure, not to mention an invitation to a multifront war.

I think the only reason for lumping those states together was to give back a Cold War to all the Ford/Reagan-era Republicans working again in the White House. They must have felt unfocused without some country to plot against.

The other thing that annoys me - one of my favorite strategies of the Afghan Turkey Shoot was the Bush proclaimation that America was going to win the War on Terrorism quietly. America would make its moves, fight its enemies and not necessarily inform the public about every little thing. So why the big change of heart now? Did George have a chat with Daddy about how he lost the Presidency just a year or so after winning his war? Is George trying to keep his poll numbers in the stratosphere? It all this aggressive posturing just a means for making GWB an wartime President for eight years?

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