Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Here are some online things I've been reading lately.

Learn how the other 10% lives via the bizarre and wonderful Rupaul weblog. The funny part is how absolutely normal he usually sounds. Many entries are along the lines of "Today I sat on the sofa in my underwear and played Mariah Carey CDs."

Usually funny and always lefty cartoonist of This Modern World, Tom Tomorrow also keeps a blog. Recent revelation - he agrees with Rush Limbaugh about the invasive features of TiVo's information capturing abilities.

Is it just me, or are a lot of hardcore right-wing sites really badly designed? Check out this KKK's site and see what I mean. And keep the volume down because they've got some midi file downloading the Star Spangle banner on auto-play.

FuckedCompany.com - Official lubricant of the new economy is a snotty deathwatch tracking Dot Com lay-offs and disasters (along with the occassional success story). It makes me glad that I never got a serious job during the Internet Revolution. Want to care even less about these people? Read the ultra-annoying comment sections for each story and I promise, you'll wish plague and death upon every smug unemployed dotcomer.

Bush Watch is a solid collection of current liberal writers. Updated daily (with lots of content and links), it's not always about Bush, but it is a constantly refreshing antidote for anyone who gets overwhelmed reading hateful KKK sites.

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