Sunday, February 10, 2002

CB in PA crafts a fringe. Regarding Warren's comment You can't name one conservative position that I hold that equates to less freedom. And I bet you can't name one that George W. holds if it doesn't contain the word "fetus" Chris - a soon to be published novelist - replys sans capitals:

one doesn't need the word fetus in that argument...

how about the freedom to smoke dope?
the freedom to suck dick? (man to man, i mean; except in alabama where i mean anyone who wants to suck dick)
the freedom to write
the freedom to read
the freedom to not go to john fucking ashcroft's church

warren, o warren, your case is weak.

actually, it goes like this:
the FURTHER right you go is, in the end, MORE FREEDOM:

indeed, it is the slightly-far-right and centrist-rights who scare me.

and actually, on triple thought, it's only the church that scares me.
the fucking church.

that's REALLY scary.

I might add that the above Alabama comment holds true here in Florida too - and it isn't the liberals of this sunny state that are holding back the legality of oral sex. As for CB's reading and writing bits, well, I don't know that one can find "current" conservative positions to support those points. But I certainly have felt an anti-intellectual bias among conservatives. Actually, I should say an anti-liberal intellectual bias. Everybody loves college professors who agree with them. But once they take some obtuse stance on principle, it's the same beef - they're out of touch, they're read too many books, they're not connected to the real world. In short, people who get too book-smart are a pain in the ass.

And on a similar note, I am forever peeved by GWB's pride in having read virtually no books in college, especially when contrasted with his avowed pro-education stance. A bit hypocritical, no?

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