Friday, March 01, 2002

It's good to see the media going after the Bush Boys as they blame everything from the Lindberg kidnapping to Middle East violence on the Clinton Administration (typically followed by a hypocritical demand for respect of the Presidency whenever a Democrat asks "What the fuck was that Axis of Evil comment all about?"). That Conservative=Good, Liberal=Bad game ain't gonna fly anymore, especially when you're asking the American people to fight an endless war against an invisible enemy and spiraling into debt in the process.

The latest blame game happened yesterday, when Ari Fleischer laid Mideast violence on the Clinton administration for raising expectations too high with their peace-making efforts. Yeah right. Ari corrected himself soon afterward. News | The meaning of Ari's blunder explains it nicely.

It you don't have Salon's premium service, here are the two best graphs unavailable to you.

Bush and those who make his foreign-policy decisions for him blame Clinton for screwing up the Middle East because they're desperate to cover their butts over the administration's failure to get involved in the most crucial foreign-policy arena in the world -- and Clinton is a convenient scapegoat. But at some level, they really seem to believe it.

For Bush, who has done nothing at all so far except sign off on Ariel Sharon's failed hard-line policies, to blame Clinton for his tireless, 11th-hour efforts on behalf of peace is shameful. But the shameful, when it comes to the Bush administration's foreign policy, is becoming the expected.

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