Friday, March 29, 2002

So we got a fancy new remote control sprinkler system installed. Needless to say my role as house technology officer means I have to learn how to operate the thing. And wouldn't you know, the manual for this spinker system makes no sense. Well, actually, it makes sense, it just doesn't make sense for the system we have bolted onto the wall of our house. I knew I was heading in the dumper when I kept seeing references to the LED will flash, indicating the signal has been successfully transmitted and I couldn't find LEDs anywhere on the product.


Is it so fucking hard to write a manual that is accurate and properly conveys information? I know many people don't bother to open manuals and companies must therefore figure Why spend money on this? My nephew Larry can write it when he gets a few days off from 9th grade. But perhaps the reason nobody opens manuals anymore is because they've proven to be so utterly useless for so many years that we've given up? If we really need a manual now, we go out and buy a third party book like Windows for Dummies.

Yes, we buy a book to learn about the product which is suppose to be so easy to operate that the company never wrote a manual.

I'm going out to hook up the hose and water the bushes myself.

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