Monday, March 25, 2002

Two folks have emailed to mention this blog looked wrong - one said the pictures and text were all mixed up and jumbled, the other mentioned that all the text was in italics.

I think the problem might be which browser is used to view it. I use Internet Explorer 5 and 5.1 for the Mac as well as Omniweb for Mac OSX. It all looks good with those. The reader who saw the jumbled text and photos was viewing with Netscape/Mac. There might be some issue with how it reads line breaks.

In any case, if you notice something weird, drop me a line and I'll pass it on to Chris at central. Just for reference, this entry includes a title line in bold, followed by three paragraphs with empty lines inbetween the paragraphs.

UPDATE: I think I fixed the italics problem - there was an open tag and I closed it. That should be that. Thanks much to M of for pointing out the exact entry and graph with the problem.

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