Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Every few years I get completely sick of music and stop listening to everything. Each time that happens, one CD or band finally picks me up and makes think, Hey, this rocks! Life is okay!

My most recent decent into musical boredom has been relieved by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, whom I've known forever but hadn't listened to in a few years. I picked up their CD Mink Car and have been loving it non-stop. It's smart, tuneful, wacky and every song is packed with more hooks than most bands create in a lifetime. Granted, it's a bit esoteric (especially if your idea of alternative is Dave Matthews). But Jeeze, I love a band that's unafraid to write songs about Sombreros, Bangs, and the volume level of a disco.

Want a taste of They Might Be Giants? Cool. I've ripped one mp3 for you - Yeh Yeh, a jaunty little strut sure to make you dance in your cubicle. When you're done with that, check out the John's website, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, which includes a selection of QuickCam movies (it looks like the guys literally did these in their apartment directly to the computer). My faves are Dr. Worm and I Am Not Your Broom. Feel free to click away, every link leads to something cool

As always, the mp3 I've included above is ripped in mono at 96K (1.8 meg) and will be removed in a few days. Dig it now and then go and buy some They Might Be Giants CDs.

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