Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Remember the claims in that book BIAS, that our evil liberal media identifies conservatives as conservatives in print but not liberals. Turns out that might not be true. As reported on NPR, some guy did a study on the Use of Political Labels in Major Newspapers and found that in fact, Liberals were identified as such more often than conservatives. This was true in a large general group of newspapers as well as a smaller group of "liberal" newspapers such as the Washington Post and New York Times.

From my own experience, ever since Uncle Ron was in the White House, I've noticed media conservatives are a lot more eager to identify themselves as such, as opposed to media liberals. As a result, it often appears to me that the vast majority of media voices in cable TV, radio and most newspapers (particularly in the second- and third-tier markets) eagerly speak from a conservative bias.

Even though the report linked above offers convincing proof of reality, I don't expect anyone who believes the claims of BIAS to change their minds any time in this decade. Such is life.

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