Wednesday, March 06, 2002

That John Ashcrofty is one crafty guy.

We had this discussion weeks ago, and now (finally), we have decent piece explaining how that flag-waving weasel Mr. A. is infringing on our Civil Rights (He knows what you've been checking out - Not only can the Men In Black demand sales and lending records from libraries and bookstores, but they've passed a law that prohibits librarians and bookstore owners from making such demands public. In addition, they can't reveal who made the requests and what they asked for, or keep track of such requests in any way.

Now ain't that a bitch? Warren and I agreed that once Mr. A stepped over the line and intruded on citizen's rights, the American people would unite to get rid of the laws or him (or both). But how are we suppose to know if lines been crossed when the parties involved are forbidden to discuss the matter? That's a slick set of laws, huh? So let's say the FBI acquires your reading list and you're brought to court. You, as the accused, can't even get the library to confim that the FBI acquired your reading list. And what if the list is wrong? What if they spelled the name wrong or got the wrong ID number. Ooops, you're fucked because the library can't comment (or even keep track of the request).

In my book, as far as legal sleezery goes, this is a whole lot worse than debating the meaning of the word "is."

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