Friday, March 01, 2002

Here are some recommendations for OSX software. Cheap, fun, reliable and not Microsoft. You can find links to all of this stuff at

Word Processor The best shareware I've found so far is Mariner Writer. It wonderfully rich, but totally lacking all that Mico-bloat. It also saves to RTF (Rich Text Format), which is something all Word programs can open. Unfortunately, it can't open Word files without additional help (Dataviz, etc). And it costs $50. Special mention to Text Edit Plus which is almost as useful for half the price as Mariner.

Web Browser OmniWeb is incredible! A very smooth browser that looks better graphically than IE5.1, renders type better, offers the option to block ads and much more. It's my new standard, except that I can't use it to update my Blog (the problem appears to be Java implimentation regarding some of the shortcuts I use). It also costs $25 or so, but think that's worth it for obvious reasons.

Little Stuff
WindowShade -X-151 Reinstalls windowshade function to OSX and adds the ability to make windows transparent .

iTunes Visual Plug-Ins They're popping up everywhere and they make listening more fun. Install them into the iTunes Plug-In folder in your personal Library Folder.

AudioCD Dockling from On-Core A simple little app that allows you to play CDs from the Dock without involving the much larger iTunes app. It kind of replaces CD Player from OS9.

As I see it now, there's absolutely no reason for me to purchase any software that's not OSX ready. By my count, I still need the following OSX programs:

a) Quark (their new version 5 still isn't OSX ready)

b) Photoshop (OSX-ready Version 7.0 was just released. I'll probably get the upgrade in a few months)

c) Dreamweaver It is remarkable that this company hasn't gotten off it's duff to port an OSX version yet. This could be an opening to anybody who comes up with a good GUI Web page builder.

d) Final Cut Pro - Yeah, I need to get the 3.0 upgrade.

e) Whatever is necessary to make my laser printer do some printing

f) Palm/Handspring softwear for OSX

g) Something to make typefaces show up in font menus.

h) Quicken Deluxe Intuit has always been excellent about charging resonable prices for its products, so I don't mind paying. I think the latest version costs about $40 for an upgrade.

All in all, there's a lot out there in Shareware land. I just need to keep looking

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