Saturday, March 30, 2002

In stunned disbelief, I watched Morton Kondrake and Fred Barnes of the The Beltway Boys on Fox News discuss the Oscars this weekend. Mort and Fred, two white guys, in their 50s, didn't like the Oscars. Their beef was the Oscars weren't patriotic enough. As they charged, there weren't any flag pins on announcer's lapels, there was no mention of supporting the troops, no singing of God Bless America and the only person who mentioned how great America was, was Brit.

Are they kidding? The Oscars ran 4 and a half hours!! They want more? They want another 15 minutes to pay tribute to the troops and sing God Bless America (which of course, would have to be staged with 30 special guest singers, each of whom would have to be introduced)? Are they stoned? And didn't Commander Du Jour GW Bush tell citizens to go back to work and live life the way you used to, without fear or worry about these terrorists? Wouldn't that include not interrupting major events for a pointless flag-waving?

I guess pointless flag-waving trumps our screaming need for normalcy.

Of course, Barnes and Kondrake were surrounded by flags - multiple flags in the background, a flag background behind the Fox bug, flag label pins. But maybe that's not enough? Here's an idea, if Fox (a network owned by an Australian, btw), wants to play - WE'RE MORE PATRIOTIC THAN YOU!, why don't they simply broadcast Kate Smith singing God Bless America every half hour. It couldn't be any worse then the crap they broadcast now. Sure, they'll lose a few million a day in commercial revenues, but isn't it worth it to feel a patriotic lump in your throat every 30 minutes, 24/7?

Barnes and Kondrake also took Hollywood to task for not putting out many good films this year (by good, they must mean movies where American soldiers killed lots o' dirty, funny-speaking foreigners while winning various battles and wars with Patriotic fervor). bout the only two they thought worth seeing were "Black Hawk Down" and Mel Gibson's new film (they couldn't recall the name). Mr. Ebert, your job is safe.

Reat asssured, if Alec Baldwin or some other Hollywood mouthpiece dared criticize Fox News, these rent-a-pundits would rip them apart limb from surgically altered limb, deriding them as stupid, lowly actors who should stick to Hollywood and leave politics to the pros. Perhaps such a deal should go both ways?

BTW - Slate ran an interesting piece by Mickey Kaus about Black Hawk Down - What Black Hawk Down Leaves Out - That Somalia raid really was more a debacle than a victory. Even if you don't agree with everything Kaus says, it's an interesting read.

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