Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Last day of school yesterday and I'm swamped doing end of the year stuff (like listening to students request Incompletes when they haven't done shit all year) and writing film fest blurbs. Also, I picked up my car from the shop today. After signing over $500+ and getting another $1,000 in warranty work done, the first thing I see when I turn the key is a dashboard read out saying the coolant level is low. They corrected the problem immediately, but what burns me is the car was driven out from the shop's parking lot to me by a Saab employee. Doesn't he even bother to look at the dashboard when he drives a car? Doesn't a warning of LOW COOLANT LEVEL trigger any type of alarm in his sunburned head?


BTW - blogspot has been painfully slow lately, making it painfully slow to log onto this (and many other) blogs. I'm sorry to say there's nothing I can do, although I'm looking into turning a Blogger Pro account, which should offer better access. We'll see.

More later, I promise.

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