Wednesday, April 17, 2002

I asked for comments on this site's new look and I got plenty. Not surprisingly, they were all over the map. I'm still tweeking things (I brought back the grey link bar and got rid of the READING LIST title). Here's a sample o the comments:

From Zach ("Just Another F--ing Blogger") @
Like the new layout, love the new font on the title (beautiful! what's it called?), hate the colors. There, how's that for a terse comment from a stranger?

From David @
By the way: I like the new layout. The old one was also cool, but a periodic change is good.

From Chris in PA
well, the beauty of the old template was that it didn't look like all the other ass-clown blogs out there. it was you: silvery, sleek, original. much like your kitchen and home furnishings.

From Chas in Maitland, a hardcore Mac Head
Since you're soliciting opinions on the redesign, I'll just say that given a choice between the current one and the old one, I like the old one better. But that's not to say you couldn't do something still better. Maybe you should Aqua-fy it up a notch! :)

From Jared @
Saw your page and the new layout - I always prefer to let things set in for a while. I'm not so hip on the orange background, and the retro brady bunch font for your homepage title is kitchy , but hey I'm just being honest. Who knows, I might get used to it and even like it.

From Rachael @
i like the new layout...i love the lettering.

From Rob @
BTW, I like the new layout.  Especially the logo.  Since you are soliciting suggestions, my only one would be to pull more orange into the site.  Perhaps in the sidebar?  Or perhaps put an orange filter on your son's picture.  Orange is one of "those colors", however.  Web developers love it and it's trendy, but wives usually do not, hence my blue site.

Keep those comments coming and thanks to everyone who wrote in thus far. It you want to recall the old site, check my demo/work site (you'll have to ignore the ad). I'm not 100% on the new look, but I think the old site looks pretty damn ugly. It's not even's just sorta barely there. If I didn't have to wrestle with the blog template, this might be easier. But on we go...

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