Monday, April 01, 2002

Though the mainstream media is providing lots of Middle East coverage, here's a worthy point of view from Asparagirl. I like her comparisons of the situation to a bad marriage, though I think she should place the couple involved on an island from which neither came physically leave.

Asparagirl writes And why do we have to keep talking about a peace process? What fucking peace? I don't see a peace here, do you? I see Israelis getting blown up day after day after day while they're supposed to give Arafat one more chance. This time he really means it, this time he'll try harder, this time he'll change. It's like an abusive marriage; Israel gets her teeth knocked in, but stick with it honey, and maybe you and your man can work things out! He was just upset, you see, had a hard day at the office and all. And you were probably askin' for it anyway. And if you really don't like it, then why do you stay with the guy anyhow?

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