Thursday, April 11, 2002


Does it get any better than Inspirational Sport Statues? The next time I get a job with a desk, I'm gonna buy the whole set of these and decorate my cubicle with them. That'll be a conversation starter, huh?

From the Handpainted resin statues on a solid wood base are the perfect gift for every young Catholic athlete. These statues portray Jesus actively participating with boys and girls in a variety of sports. A wonderful way to reinforce Jesus "as friend" in everyday activities. Sizes vary from 4 3/4 to 6 1/2 inches.

Many customers have requested these statues depicting children other than Caucasian and playing other sports; we have expressed these requests to manufacturers and importers. When and if other statues are available, will carry them.

Priced at just $19.95 each. Props to JK at The Trash Heap for pointing out this little slice of ceramic heaven.

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