Thursday, April 18, 2002

Los Angeles Times: Iraq War: The Coming Disaster
George W. Bush is a geopolitical incompetent. He has allowed a clique of hawks to induce him to take a position on invading Iraq from which he cannot extract himself, one which will have nothing but negative consequences for the United States--and the rest of the world. He will find himself badly hurt politically, perhaps fatally. And he will rapidly diminish the already declining power of the United States in the world.

Note When I first posted this, I described the LA Times as a conservative paper. Warren from LA assures me this is is not true and in fact, the paper is consider fairly left on the left coast. I stand corrected. I will note that the former publisher of the fairly conservative Orlando Sentinel now runs the LA Times. But I guess he hasn't made all the changes for which he was hired. Or maybe he was pretending for all those years down here. We'll see...

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