Tuesday, April 09, 2002

I think I got interviewed or quoted or something for an article about to appear in the San Antonio Express-News. The writer (Laura Lortek) was very nice and she has an excellent background in technology, so it'll probably be an interesting read. I'll post a link when I see it, even if I get completely cut from the piece.

From Chew's News - Nice Blog - Suburban Limbo - I must say, that I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the posts on this blog site. Its definitely one of the more interesting blogs that I've linked to from blogger.com. Check it out - the content and commentary are great, as well as the personal thoughts added by the author.

Also, over at Edge Forums, a weblogging forum, Sambolc described Suburban Limbo as middle-age blogging. For some reason, deeply interesting

Soon after, GazfromBrum responded Why would u read about boring peoples boring lives? Now teenage lesbians journals i would read, but not middle aged men.

I feel love and ignored all at once. As always, thanks for stopping to read a bit of The Suburban Limbo.

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