Wednesday, April 10, 2002

This is a weakness on my part, granted, but women who love food and cooking are way hot in my book. I don't mean women who are forced to grill burgers while guys swill beer and watch the game. I'm talking about someone who understands the sensuality of food. Years ago, I was a cater chef and food sensuality was always a big subject (of course, I was mostly working with gay male waiters, so maybe we were talking about different things). Nigella Lawson (right), that recently imported British hottie seen on Nigella Bites, totally gets it. She's always whipping something tasty meant to be shared with friends and eaten with your fingers. I love that fact that she's no Kate Moss. She's carrying a few extra pounds and couldn't care less because if that's the price one pays for indulging in great food, so be it.


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