Monday, April 15, 2002

Natalie and I took Jake to see the Orlando Magic play on Sunday afternoon. They lost to the 76'ers (note to the Magic - might rebounding be a good idea?). Sitting in the third row of the upper deck, I looked around the O-Rena. From my vantage, I counted about 45 advertisments or corporate signage mentions. That didn't include the sponsored crap going on on the floor (ie: the Subway Halftime Dunking Contest), the video commercials played on the jumbotron (and blasted at ear-bleed levels) or the occasional things like the signs that flip over, the Red Lobster clacker I was handed on the way in or the coupon-dropping mini-blimp sent out by The Orlando Sentinel.

Considering how many ways the Magic resells my eyeballs to advertisers, they should pay me to attend the games. Assuming they charge advertisers $1 per commercial per person in the O-Rena , figure the Magic makes $75 on selling me to their advertisers. At the very least, they should figure out a way to charge less than $46 per ticket for the Upper Bowl.

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