Friday, April 19, 2002

Remember a few days ago I wrote about a videotape of me playing with a band at Tramps in NYC which I totally didn't remember? The mighty Otis Ball (who compiled and sent the tape) filled me in on the details. I've added some additional facts so this makes sense to all.

Otis sez: Here's the quick version. Barn One put me in their New Music Seminar (showcase). Last. Like 2 AM on a Tuesday (last night of the Seminar, after everyone had already flown home). On top of that, (drummer Chris) Butler injured his back on The Cyclone (the rollercoaster at Coney Island) a few weeks before the show. So I figured if I was gonna do this thing, I was gonna have fun. I got everyone I could find - some of them were asked to perform earlier that same night - and wrote out a chart for Lust For Life on poster board. Some of the players were Ira (Kaplin, from Yo La Tengo), Jim DeRoggatis, Lyle from Damen, Artie from Pier Platters and Earth Pig and a friend of mine who was up from Virginia. I think that's everybody.

I was mostly trying to piss off the Barn One clowns, but they liked it.

For everyone's amusement, I've added a picture of Otis Ball and the Chains playing on tour somewhere in the midwest (circa 1989). We were probably in the middle of the song Charles Manson's Birthday , which usually descended into a Silly String incident. For Otis MP3s, check the link to the left.

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