Monday, April 08, 2002

Being a Mac fan, I enjoy any story that involves the messy destruction of a Gateway PC as in this tale -Crashed computer boots local man into jail. After five store visits and a home repair failed to fix his daughter's Gateway Copmputer, this guy finished off the box with a sledgehammer in the foyer of the store. Good for him.

Having said that, I must also mention that Harry's iMac suffered a logic board failure and is being repair. Ah well, such is journalism in the interest of fairness.

BTW - Look in the left column of the story linked above and you'll find a Memories of McCarthy button. Follow it for a fascinating glimpse of historical revisionism. Hey, Senator McCarthy wasn't so bad! He didn't like Communists! Neither do we! Everything writen about him isn't true! In a perverse attempt at "fair and balanced", the reporter of one story gets quotes from both the John Birch Society and the Wisconsin Communist Party. Ooooo, there's a pile of truth, huh? That appears to follow the cable talk show format of "get crazies from both ends and let them scream."

I guess the concept of interviewing a political scholar who studied the guy is just to East Coast for that Wisconsin paper. Too bad.

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