Thursday, May 16, 2002

If you - like so many folks out there - are bugged about having to use Microsoft products every time you boot up, I'm please to announce a new choice. It appears Mozilla, the new browser based on Netscape's open source code, rocks hard. It works great, looks nice and now works with Blogger. Is that Mozilla's fix or Bloggers? I don't know, but who cares. It works well.

I've been playing with Radio, another piece of blogging software, and I'm impressed with much of what they have to offer. But ultimately, I still like the ability to log in anyway and blog from that computer. radio appears to be based on having the blogging software on a home box, then uploading from there.

If you're a Mac person and haven't tried OSX, you're missing all the fun. First, it looks great. Second, it's rock solid. Crashes are a thing of the past. And there's already tons of cool software (go to to download everything). Some favorites here include iMedia Pro (which I use instead of iPhoto because it handles avi video), the OSX version of Dreamweaver, and even the latest Appleworks, which again includes Dataviz for opening MS Office files.

Do to variations in software and performance, I had set up my box with three operating systems - OSX, Classic with 9.2.2 and OS 9.1. With the new Dreamweaver coming out (and the Photoshop 7 update on the way to my box), I'm ready to dump OS 9.1 and reclaim that space. I only find myself in classic for Quark and Final Cut Pro. Since I don't use those every day, I can live with that.

BTW - about Photoshop 7. The update is $130 or so. But Amazon is offering a $50 off coupon. here's the hitch - the coupon says it's only good for the Windows version. Bollocks. I emailed Amazon and they said they would accept the rebate, so I got the latest Photoshop for $80.

Finally...remember Harry with the new iMac that impoded and went to service hell? Well it emerged and is sitting on my desk. Harry - a PC user before his taste of iMac delights - went out a bought a little Sony Vaio with which he's very happy. Too bad the service thing killed his taste for Mac, because this little iMac is sweet. I've been pounding on it and now, it appears to be rock solid. He says he'll sell it to me mondo cheap, so we're considering adding this to the family computer collection. Could be fun.

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