Wednesday, May 15, 2002

I'm playing around with Radio, an inexpensive ($39) piece of blogger-style software which exists on the desktop, giving greater control of a blog. Right now, I'm typing in the radio interface and will then send the info to both my Radio site and my blogspot site.

BTW - I've discovered the meaning of the phrase "herding cats." It must have to do with trying to corral nine 3-year-olds and teach them how to play t-ball. Wherever the ball went, they'd all run after it. Most would fall to the ground and roll around on every play. Running to first base look a like like that Monty Python sketch where a groups of...ahhh...mentally challenged people in a footrace ran every which way but toward the finish line. Every throw was an adventure. In fact, any time they held a ball, it was best to watch out.

This season of T-Ball with Jake is going to be quite a bit of fun.

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