Thursday, May 02, 2002

My buddy Jared over at Blowtorch Monkey Armada has a very interesting rant about the coming death of Internet radio via stupid royality rates. The page is here. Scroll down - past the lovely plug for Suburban Limbo - until you get to Monday's post. He has many good links in the story worth following.

Being a musician, I should be for royalities, but that fact is they rarely reach the vast majority of musicians. All these royality agencies are slanted so that the big players take all the dough and the little guys get zippo - even when their music is played in tons of places which are paying royalities to the agencies. I think we're reaching a stage where the commercial players have to be separated from the no-budget independents and those non-budget guys have to be given no-royality agreements in order to expose the music they love (and yes, most of them are doing for love, plus a bit of ego).

Maybe musicians can add clauses to their CDs stating that it can be played royality-free in non-commercial/non-profit situations. If not, I guess we can all just sit back and agree that the music industry is really fucking itself into oblivion with their unwillingness to adapt to the new world.

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