Saturday, May 04, 2002

Need to re-experience to pain of high school relationships? Enjoy Altered Context, where the narrator debates his on-again/off-again relationship with Samantha and dreams of leaving for college. I particularly like that he's posting this online in a blog but has added this note:

As a result of the badness that's gone down recently, I need to state this disclaimer: Don't repeat anything you read in this journal to people.

Okay, everybody...shhhhhhhh... Don't discuss this offline.

This is great stuff. In case you don't believe it's better than Buffy, just check the cast list and descriptions:

The Players
Sam: Samantha, my girlfriend
Chris: Samantha's friend, my enemy. He and Sam cuddle sometimes, Sam claims it's innocent.
Danny: Nice guy, eats lunch with us. Possibly an unwitting pawn.
Billy: Eats lunch with us. Wants Sam, and is therefore jealous of me and hates me.
Nick: Sam's friend, tried to convince her she's gay. Nice guy. Made peace with us.
Dave J.: Mutual friend.
Kate: My ex-girlfriend, Sam's ex-best friend. Dave J. has a crush on her. She's glad things are falling apart between Sam and me.
Mike: A great friend, finds things out for me since he likes CIA-ish work.
Bryan: A great friend.
Nancy: Was a great friend until she betrayed my trust.
Timmel: Friend of Nancy and Sam. Helps to spread rumors.

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