Wednesday, May 15, 2002

From MacUserUK, it appears computer-killing discs from the above artists and others are being released in an attempt to stop digital ripping. Sure, I'm pissed, but I'm also happy. I always welcome ways to ignore the flood of pop culture lapping at my doorstep . Now I can just look for the "Will not work on PC/Mac" sticker and leave that disc in the shop.

Thanks, I guess.

BTW - both new Tom Waits CDs are available for download at Sign up today.

Celine Dion kills iMacs!

An Apple dealer has 'confirmed' to the Campaign for Digital Rights (CDR) that attempting to play the latest Celine Dion CD in a new iMac will result in the machine having to be sent for repair.

As we reported last month, Celine's latest offering - A New Day Has Come - features copy-protection to prevent it being played and duplicated in a PC, and that same copy-protection was believed to be capable of damaging the PC's firmware. It seems that this is definitely the case, as once the CD is inserted into a new iMac it cannot be removed and the machine cannot be restarted.

This may not be the only CD which could cause the problems. CDR reports that a number of CDs from Sony-owned companies such as Epic and Columbia may also pose a threat. These include the soundtrack for Star Wars Episode II and discs from Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Destiny's Child. The CDs carry a small warning stating 'Will not work on PC/Mac'.

CDR continues to compile a lengthening list of copy-protected CDs and though not all of them will damage your Mac, some are reported as delivering poor quality sound when played 'legitimately' in hi-fi equipment.

Apple has responded to this problem in a support article listing a number of methods of ejecting a protected CD.

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