Sunday, May 12, 2002

I sent this idea to Ev of a few weeks ago and never heard back. I post it here in the hopes that some computer genius out there will make it so.

I would like a web-based Blog Reader. This page/program/device would allow me to track blogs that I wish to follow. By opening only one page of my Blog Reader, I could a list of all the blogs I track and which ones have been updated since my last visit (or perhaps that day). The update entry would show the headline of a story and maybe the first line, giving me an opportunity to decide if I want to visit that blog.

I have about 25 blogs I'd like to read on a daily basis, but opening each of them every day is a time-consuming pain in the ass. A Blog Reader would make life much easier and I bet it would also entice folks who don't now read blogs into doing so, by making the task so much easier. I bet they'd even pay a few bucks a year to have such a page.

So there you go, program away. My only request is that you keep the project Open Source and give me a bit of credit.

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